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  • Why use a Z-Wave smart plug instead of a repeater?

  • All optimisation. Z-Wave devices that plug into a power outlet typically include some kind of repeater technology which can lead to some installers using a Z-Wave smart plug instead of a dedicated repeater. But not all repeaters are born equal.

  • Does range extender 7 work with Z-Wave?

  • It鈥檚 wireless. But that means that, just like Wi-Fi, there are areas where the wireless signal may not be optimal. Range Extender 7 fixes wireless weaknesses. Install it in the appropriate spot, sync it with your gateway, and Range Extender 7 will start optimally relaying and amplifying Z-Wave.

  • How does the Z-Wave extender work with telldus live?

  • By connecting the Z-Wave extender to Telldus Live, you can easily control your devices directly via your mobile phone or set what they should do 鈥?fully automatically! If you have a smart speaker at home, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can command what your devices should do via voice control. Easy and efficient!

  • What Z-Wave devices are compatible with S2 security?

  • Compatibility goes as far fast as original, 100 series Z-Wave devices and encompasses 300 series technology as well. Last-generation devices that use 500 series Z-Wave or Gen5 are compatible including those that use S2 security.

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