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  • What is this copper wire Tables Handbook?

  • This Handbook is a revision of the Copper Wire Tables previously published as NBS Circular 31. It reflects changes in the nominal diameters of gages 45 and smaller and extends the tables to 56 gage.

  • What is a wire table short cut?

  • An interesting additional 鈥渨ire table short cut鈥?is the fact that between Nos. 6 and 12, inclusive, the reciprocal of the size number equals the diameter in inches, within 3 percent. Another interesting shortcut relates the weight in pounds with the gage size.

  • What is the Gage value of wire table?

  • Wire table, standard annealed copper American Wire Gage. English units. Values at 20 C. Gage Diam Cross eter in mils section Ohms per 1,000 feet Feet per ohm Pounds per 1,000 feet Feet per pound Ohms per pound Pounds per ohm Circular Square inch 0000 460.0 211 600 0.1662 0.049 01 20 400 640.5 1.561 0.000 076 52 13 070 000

  • What is the temperature coefficient of a wire table?

  • When the American Institute of Electrical Engineers in 1907 adopted a temperature coefficient, 0.0042 at 0 C, which vitiated the wire table then in use, the need for a new table was felt; and a recomputation of the old one was under consideration.

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