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which type of solar radiation is the most powerful

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  • What is the most powerful form of radiation from the Sun?

  • Another very powerful type of radiation from the sun is the X-ray. X-rays, while still not being visible to the human eye, are longer in wavelength than gamma rays. With that being said, X-rays are still very powerful and potent.

  • What kind of radiation does the Sun give off?

  • When it comes to solar radiation and its power, there is actually quite a lot to talk about. First of all, the sun gives off many different wave lengths of radiation, often called alpha, beta, and gamma waves. Next, the sun also gives off 3 different bands of radiation, and these include visible light, infrared light, and ultra violet light.

  • Why is the solar radiation less intense at the Poles?

  • Why is the solar radiation arriving at Earth’s surface less intense where the angle of the Sun is low? The wavelength of energy radiated from the Earth back into the atmosphere is longer than the incoming solar radiation. Near the poles, more energy is reflected back into space than is absorbed.

  • What is the shortest wavelength of radiation the sun gives off?

  • The shortest wavelength of radiation which the sun gives off is the gamma ray. The gamma ray is in fact the most powerful kind of solar radiation. These rays really do not reach the earth, and if there are any on earth, it鈥檚 probably due to nuclear and solar energy power plants.

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