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which of the following is a conductor

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Key PointsSilver, Copper, and Graphiteare all conductors. The substances that allow the current to flow through them are known as conductors. They have a large number of free electrons.

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  • Which of the following metals is an ohmic conductor?

  • A) Germanium B) Silicon C) Carbon D) Silver The correct option is D) Silver. An ohmic conductor is defined as a two-terminal device in which the voltage or current characteristics have a straight line passing through the origin. Silver, copper wire, metals are examples of ohmic conductors.

  • Which material is a good conductor of electricity?

  • Immersive Reader (1 Point) Metal is a good conductor for electricity. Then plastic. Did this page answer your question? Still have questions? Complete the sentence using one of the following words: hypothesis, observation, or theory.

  • What is the difference between ohmic and non-ohmic conductors?

  • Ohmic conductors obey Ohm鈥檚 law whereas non-ohmic conductors don鈥檛. Resistors are Ohmic while semiconductors are non-ohmic. Was this answer helpful? Thank you. Your Feedback will Help us Serve you better.

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