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what size battery bank do i need

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You need a48Vbattery bank with at least 833 amps. For instance, you can buy 3 x 300ah 48V batteries, 4 x 200ah, 2 x 450ah, any combination as long as it is at least 833ah. You can use 24V or 12V batteries of course. Connect them in a series to increase the voltage so it can handle the system output.

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  • What size solar panel do I need for a battery bank?

  • Our general recommendation here is to size for a 2-3% voltage drop. So for a 12 volt battery bank, a 16-18V solar panel should be used to allow for unexpected voltage drop. Another important consideration when sizing a battery bank is the storage capacity you will need your battery bank to have.

  • How much capacity do I need for my battery bank?

  • You may want to consider 600-800 amp hours of capacity, based on this example, depending on your budget and other factors. Battery banks are typically wired for either 12 volts, 24 volts or 48 volts depending on the size of the system. Here are example battery banks for both lead acid and Lithium, based on an off-grid home using 10 kWh per day:

  • Is it better to have more or less batteries in bank?

  • Therefore, as a general rule in solar battery sizing, it’s always better to have more batteries in your battery bank and only discharge them 30-50% of the way down – than to have less batteries and discharge them more. Use a battery bank sizer calculator that can help automate the process for you.

  • Why is the size of the battery bank limited?

  • Additionally, the limited battery bank size also restricts power usage as well as limit possible autonomy days; in order to avoid the 50% depth of discharge limit of most battery banks.

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