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What is the Latest Solar Panel Technology?

Solar energy is a clean source of energy that does not pollute the environment and is renewable as well. With the increase in environmental consciousness and the resultant rise in public awareness about their responsibility of saving energy, people are looking for ways to make the optimum use of available resources. The advancement in solar technology focuses on enhancing efficiency of the solar panel system while reducing costs and liability. At present, there are some revolutionising solar panel technologies either in pipeline or already on the market. These latest advanced technologies not only free people from the bounds of requiring large spaces, but also give extraordinary outputs. Following is a detailed account of some latest solar panel technologies:

Floatovoltaics or Floating Solar Farms

Silicon panels are becoming increasingly popular day by day because of their efficiency and durability. These photovoltaic plates are created to float on water bodies and reservoirs, hence they can generate enormous power without requiring any land or real estate for installation. These plates will have other benefits as well such as reducing the loss of water to evaporation by blocking the sunlight from reaching the surface of water. Moreover, water will keep the solar panels clean and optimise the energy production. The first commercial floating solar panel system of 175 kWh was installed in California in 2008.

Solar Skins

Solar skins is a novel photovoltaic technology which integrates custom design into solar panel systems. This is quite similar to ad wraps that are displayed on bus windows. Due to their selective high filtration advancements, solar thin-film skins maintain their high efficiency. The skins simultaneously produce energy and display the custom image as the sunlight falling on them is filtered to reach the solar cells beneath it. This technology is useful for government offices and businesses, because solar skins can be customised to display a country’s flag, an organisation’s logo, or business advertisements. Moreover, this technology gives the panel an aesthetic look as it hides metal components, has a sleek finish, and uses railless racking systems.

BIPV Solar Technology

Building Integrated Photovoltaics involves the seamless blending of solar panels into building architecture in the form of canopies, curtain walls, roofs, and skylight systems, etc. Contrary to traditional solar panels, this technology does not seem to be a compromise on the aesthetics of the residential or commercial unit on which they are installed. This latest technology enables homeowners to save a lot on building material along with reducing electric power costs to an extraordinary extent. Moreover, by using BIPV instead of standard build material, you can also save the costs of solar panel mounting systems.

Final Words

Solar Panel Technologies have been under great revolution for a few decades. This is due to the fact that solar energy is not only an inexpensive energy source, but also guarantees sustainable energy.

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