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What is the average life of a solar panel

What is the expected usable life of a solar panel? Similar to a lot of other types of equipment, solar panels do not operate at peak performance for their entire life cycle and then just stop working in year 30. On the other hand, they produce less electricity as they age, although at a very modest rate.

Solar panels, on the other hand, have an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years, depending on the model. The technology that has been used in the production of solar panels has progressed over the years. As a result, PV panels are safer, more lasting, and more dependable.

Solar Panels – Do they degrade over time?

Solar panel efficiency is a critical factor for determining the solar panel’s life expectancy. This refers to a solar panel’s capacity to convert sunlight to electricity. The most efficient solar panels have an efficiency rating of 15% to 20%. Several factors affect the efficiency of solar panels, including the amount of energy generated by solar cells (which is determined by the cells’ composition), the electrical setup, and other components in the PV panel.

Solar panel systems, like any other technology, degrade over time, which means the panels lose their initial efficiency levels. Solar panels degrade at a rate of approximately 0.5 percent per year on average. This means that even after twenty years, your solar panels will still be more than 90% efficient.

What factors affect the life expectancy of solar panels?

Several factors can alter a solar panel’s advertised lifespan, including the following:

1- Weather

Weather patterns can have an effect on the quality of solar panels. When the protective glass is damaged, the cells become exposed. Storms can also wreak havoc on the structural integrity of the panels, hastening their disintegration.

2- Inadequate installation

Solar panels that are improperly installed will eventually fail. Multiple solar panels or glass repairs reduce their efficiency.

3- Maintenance

Solar panel maintenance performed properly will extend the life of your solar panels. Solar contractors provide skilled solar cleaning and other maintenance services to ensure that the photovoltaic panels remain in top condition. Regular inspections, debris removal following storms, and repositioning of solar panels can all help extend the life of the panels.

Final Words

Solar energy is a long-term investment that pays back over time through savings on electricity bills, and through tax incentives for businesses. There will be an initial pay-back period where the savings made will go towards paying back the cost of the system over a number of years, followed by a longer period of financial return.

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