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what is q cell

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Q CELLS is aTier 1 solar panel manufacturerthat makes high performance photovoltaic (PV) products for the residential,commercial,and industrial solar energy markets. Its solar panels are near the top of the market for efficiency,performance,and warranty structure,and they are used by installers all over the world.

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  • What is q cell technology?

  • The new cell architecture, which Q cells refers to as Q.antum DUO Z technology, consists of half-cut monocrystalline PERC cells with 12 micro busbars built into a new high-density panel format.

  • How does Q Cells select the cells for a module?

  • The cells are then separated into matching batches and used in the various modules. For example, if a module needs to have an output of 330 watts, Q CELLS selects 120 half-cells with evenly-matched power outputs that will equal 330 watts once wired together in a module.

  • Why choose Q Cells from EnergySage?

  • To make your solar research process easier, EnergySage has developed Q CELLS reviews. As the leading online marketplace for homeowners considering solar, EnergySage is uniquely positioned to evaluate the technical specifications of Q CELLS solar panels and help you compare them to other manufacturers on the market.

  • What are the different QQ cells product lines?

  • Q CELLS has a number of different product lines in the Q.PEAK DUO series: from the G5 up through the G7, and including a number of sleek, all-black panel options.

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