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What is a Solar Blower and what are its Benefits and Applications?

What is a Solar Blower and what are its Benefits and Applications?
What is a Solar Blower and what are its Benefits and Applications?

Recently a team of researchers has invented a portable, solar-powered blower fan that requires less power than existing personal and ventilation fans&blowers and generates about 30 percent more airflow. Besides being energy-efficient, the new blower is very quiet and can run on different power sources, as needed: solar panels, rechargeable batteries or conventional electrical outlets connected to a grid. Its modular components are easy to pack, unpack and carry, too.

Though portable blowers and fans have long been available, their planar-shaped blade designs fail to maximize airflow, and their operation relies on electrical power via a wall plug or batteries that require constant recharging or replacing. The new blower fan offers a simple, low-cost solution. With its novel twisted blade design, the fan generates significantly more airflow with less energy usage and can operate during power outages caused by severe weather or natural disasters. Easily portable, the invention can provide immediate cooling in any location. For example, it can vent hot air from attic areas of a residence or commercial building to improve the efficiency of air-conditioning systems. It can also be used during and after power losses caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Environments or areas with limited power supplies (including construction sites, outdoor vendors, campsites and fishing boats) can benefit from the new system, as well.

Technical Details

The invention comprises designs and methods for producing a portable, modular blower fan system that includes a blower fan housing and a carrying case with a built-in solar panel. The blower fan can be used anywhere that ventilation and airflow are needed and electrical power is not readily accessible. In addition to the blower fan housing, the system includes plugs, adapters and rechargeable batteries that enable the blower to operate without solar power, as well. Users can recharge the batteries via the solar panel or an electrical outlet. The blower fan’s optimized airflow blades, made of either plastic or metal, have a twisted configuration. In one example use, the blades can rotate approximately 500 rpm. Under solar power, the blades and motor can generate approximately 1040 cubic feet per minute (CFM) while using no more than approximately 16 watts. With the invention’s easy portability, it can support a variety of personal and commercial uses. Also, unlike many other small fans, which are very noisy, the invention is extremely quiet.


  • Personal use, Ventilation underneath roofs, exhaust blower fan
  • During and after natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes
  • Construction sites and outdoor activities, such as camping and fishing


  • A solar fan is more environmentally friendly.
  • Though initially, the installation may be costlier, in the long term it would turn out to be cheaper because it does not use power from the utility grid and may provide savings up to 30 percent on air conditioning costs.
  • The risk of electric accidents is eliminated as there are no electric cords attached to the solar blower.
  • A cordless appliance offers much more mobility compared to conventional fans


This is our duty to protect the environment from pollution. And this is also true that our environment is getting polluted due to our activities. We need to rectify our activities. Always make a wise decision. We need to use only environment-friendly items and gadgets. So use solar blower fans more and improve your environmental quality.

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