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what is 8 gauge wire rated for

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55 AMPS @ 90C

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  • Do you need 8 gauge copper wire?

  • Many customers need #8 gauge copper wire for various installation projects and depend on Wire And Cable Your Way to supply the wire as we offer 8 gauge in many different colors at any length you need. #8 Gauge THHN Copper Stranded Wire is the most popular single conductor copper wire we carry and is RATED FOR 55 AMPS @ 90C.

  • Can 8 gauge wire handle 50 amps?

  • For everybody wondering if the 8 AWG wire can handle 50 amps, here is the answer: The ampacity of the 8 gauge wire is exactly 50 amps at 75C. That means that 8 gauge wire can indeed carry 50 amps at 220-volts. That gives it quite a few applications. 8 gauge wires are used as:

  • What is the maximum ampere rating for 8 AWG wire?

  • What is this temperature? Is it the temperature in the attic where I put the wire? 8 AWG THHN, 90C copper wire is limited to 40 amperes where connected to a disconnect switch with terminals rated at 60C. This same 8 AWG THHN, 90C wire is limited to 50 Amp

  • What gauge wire should I use for 30 amps?

  • For 30 amps, the 12 gauge wire (with 35 amp rated ampacity) is a better choice. For the 20 amp circuit, on the other hand, the 12 gauge wire would be an optimal choice. 10 gauge wire is rather cheap per foot. iGreely, for example, offers 8 gauge wires for $1 to $5 per foot (longer 10 gauge wires are cheaper per foot):

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