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what does awg stand for

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American wire gauge

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  • What is AWG?

  • Founded in 1926, AWG is the second-largest retailer-owned wholesale co-op in the nation, with annual sales of $6.

  • What is American Wire Gauge (AWG)?

  • Simply stated, AWG or American wire gauge is the standard system that determines a cross section of a wire using a gauge for solid, round electrical wires. The higher the AWG number, the thinner or smaller the wire. Used since 1857, AWG has helped users determine a wire鈥檚 current-carrying ratings.

  • What is the difference between AWG and resistance?

  • These measurements are made on the wire alone; no jacketing or insulation factors into AWG size. AWG relates also to resistance; so a thicker wire has less resistance and thus can carry more voltage a longer distance.

  • What is the difference between 10 AWG and 40 AWG?

  • If our wire is copper, that 40 AWG conductor, with a 9.61 area, has a resistance of 1080 ohms per 1000 feet; the 10 AWG, with approximately 1000 times the area, has a resistance of just about exactly one ohm. Resistance is the property of a conductor which describes how current flowing through the conductor will be converted to heat.

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