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what does a solar optimizer do

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A power optimizer is a combination of both a string and micro inverter. It is a module-level power electronic (MLPE) device thatincreases the solar panel system鈥檚 energy outputby constantly measuring the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of each individual solar panel and adjusts DC characteristics to maximize energy output.

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  • What is a solar power optimizer?

  • As your solar panels produce electricity, the power optimizers 鈥渃ondition鈥?the electricity from your solar panel, optimizing the voltage before sending it down to the inverter for conversion. Importantly, power optimizers are not an inverter on their own: they need to be paired with a centralized string inverter that handles the conversion process.

  • What is the role of optimizers in power electronics?

  • In summary, optimizers mitigate module mismatch-loss that may be caused by manufacturing tolerance, partial shading, degradation and so on. Which power optimizers do I need?

  • How does a PV optimizer work?

  • The optimizers increase the overall energy output of your PV array by consistently tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of each individual module in your system. Tracking the modules MPPT increases the efficiency of DC power from the solar cell, and down to the central inverter where that power is converted to usable AC power.

  • What are the benefits of SolarEdge鈥檚 Power optimizers?

  • Power optimizers like SolarEdge also come with built-in safety features. One such feature is a rapid-shutdown response when the grid goes down, intended to make servicing or accessing the system safer for installers and emergency personnel like firefighters.

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