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what are flooded batteries

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Wet cell battery

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  • What is a flooded battery and what are some examples?

  • A typical example of a flooded battery is a car battery. The 鈥榝looded鈥?component of the battery is the fact that the battery uses an electrolyte fluid, in which the battery plates are immersed. This electrolyte or battery acid floods the inside of the battery and provides a medium through which electricity can flow.

  • What is a flooded deep cycle battery?

  • A flooded deep cycle battery is a battery that has thick plates, large separators, and high-density paste material. This design resists the occurrence of corrosion from multiple charges and discharge cycles. This battery type uses electrolyte fluid that completely submerges the plates.

  • What happens when a battery is flooded with water?

  • The electrolyte carries the charge through the battery. Some flooded batteries are maintenance-free or sealed, while others are serviceable. In the event the electrolyte level diminishes in a serviceable battery, it can be topped up with distilled water to restore capabilities.

  • What is a flooded lead acid battery?

  • First used for vehicles like golf carts and forklifts, flooded lead acid (FLA) is one of two types of lead acid batteries used in solar power systems. The other type of lead acid battery is the sealed lead acid battery (SLA).

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