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voltage optimizer

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Voltage optimization is anenergy-saving technologythat,by operating through systematic and controlled reduction of the grid voltage,reduces the absorption of active and reactive power from the network. The average voltage value of the distribution networks is often higher than the ideal operating value for most electrical equipment.

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  • What is voltage optimisation?

  • What is voltage optimisation? Voltage optimisation is a clever energy saving technique that is used to regulate the incoming power supply from the National Grid. By reducing the voltage supplied to the optimum level you can reduce the amount of electricity you use, cutting your carbon emissions at the same time!

  • Do I need a voltage optimiser?

  • A voltage optimiser is often recommended alongside a Solar PV system, as together the energy savings can be phenomenal. To get an inside look and feel into a home energy system, with both Solar PV and a Voltage Optimiser Installed, check out our Youtube video.

  • What are the benefits of AVO automatic Voltage optimisers?

  • At Sinalda UK our AVO Automatic Voltage Optimisers reduce your energy usage by optimising the electricity supply voltage significantly reducing your ongoing electricity costs and, through the need for less energy, greatly assisting in the quest for reducing your carbon footprint.

  • What is the Eco-Max home voltage optimiser?

  • The Eco-Max Home Voltage Optimiser is a smart way of reducing your excess voltage. Resulting in a lower energy bill and a longer lifespan on all of your electrical appliances. This voltage optimiser, is a hassle-free versatile solution, capable of cutting down carbon emissions as soon as installed.

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