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  • Why choose Panasonic vbhn325sa17 solar module?

  • With the new VBHN325SA17, Panasonic re-established its position among leading solar Module manufacturers. Panasonic employs strict materials selection and qualified manufacturing processes. A vertically integrated factory allows for exhaustive quality assessments at every step of production. The resulting modules are IEC certified by JET.

  • What is the operating temperature of the model vbhn330sa17?

  • Model VBHN330SA17, VBHN325SA17 Operating Temperature -40F to 185F (-40C to 85C) Hail Safety Impact Velocity 1 hailstone (25mm) at 52 mph (23m/s) Safety Rating Certifications UL 1703, cUL, CEC UL 1703 Fire Classification Type 2 Limited Warranty 25** Yrs Workmanship and Power Output (Linear)***

  • Where can I buy a 330 watt mono solar panel?

  • Panasonic 330 Watt Mono Solar Panel – Black 40mm Frame – VBHN330SA17 ? EcoDirect.com sells SolarWorld Solar Panels at the lowest cost. Order Online or Call Us! 888-899-3509 Request a Quote! Toll Free:(888) 899-3509 Local: (760) 597-0498 My Account About Us / Contact Home Grid-Tie Solar Panels

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