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  • What is Unirac?

  • Unirac is one of North America’s leading solar racking and mounting systems manufacturers. This brand has a series of quality mounting solutions for solar energy systems, their product lines include: SolarMount, SunFrame, RoofMount, Ground Fixed Tilt, and Unirac Large Array.

  • Why choose unirack for your warehouse racking?

  • Sitech WA had to expand it鈥檚 warehouse racking to keep up with the demand for Trimble Machine Control systems that we supply. When we selected Unirack, it was because of their capacity to deliver on time and at a good price.

  • Why choose Unirac鈥檚 RM5 system?

  • Unirac鈥檚 RMDT system maximizes energy density, with 8 DEGREE DUAL TILT, allowing up to 33% more modules on the roof. The elimination of wind deflectors and fire skirts reduces part count and streamlines the system installation. RM5 system provides unsurpassed adaptability and layout flexibility with 5 DEGREE TILT.

  • What is the lead time for unirak pallet racking?

  • To help, we maintain the lowest lead times in the industry. Usually 3-4 weeks. Our custom solutions range from special paint colors or product sizes, to engineered solutions like Push Back, Drive-In, Carton Flow or Pallet Flow racks. Our team has been providing our major customers UniRak Pallet Racking for almost 20 years.

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