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understanding how solar panels work

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In a nutshell,a solar panel works bygenerating electricity when particles of sunlight,or photons,knock electrons free from atoms,setting them in motion. This flow of electrons is electricity,and solar panels are designed to capture this flow,turning it into a usable electric current.

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  • How does solar energy work?

  • How Does Solar Work? The amount of sunlight that strikes the earth’s surface in an hour and a half is enough to handle the entire world’s energy consumption for a full year. Solar technologies convert sunlight into electrical energy either through photovoltaic (PV) panels or through mirrors that concentrate solar radiation.

  • What is solar power?

  • Solar 101: From Solar Panels Parts to Costs What is solar power? Solar power is the ability to convert energy from the sun into usable electricity. Sunlight is either directly harnessed as thermal energy (heat) or through the use of photovoltaic cells in solar panels and transparent photovoltaic glass.

  • How are solar panels connected?

  • To make up your array, the solar power system designer has 2 methods of connecting them 鈥?connecting your solar panels together in series or parallel. If connected in series, the panels鈥?voltages will add up, but the current will stay the same.

  • How much power does a solar panel produce?

  • For the technically minded: Each cell produces a high current, about 8 Amps, but a low voltage, 0.5V, to make the 4W of power. To make a solar panel work with some serious grunt, lots of these cells are connected together. A typical configuration would be 60 cells, which would make a solar panel that produces, 60 x 4W = 240W of power.

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