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types of solar racking systems

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  • Is there a free racking guide for solar panels?

  • With our free Racking Guide, we’ll help you choose the right racking solution for your needs with comparisons between roof and ground mount, recommended racking brands, and more. Racking is the foundation of your solar panels, and the type of mounting you choose can have an impact on your system’s overall performance.

  • What are the different types of solar tracking systems?

  • The two main classifications of tracking systems are single-axis and dual-axis. Single-axis tracking systems span panels on long rows, following the sun from east to west. Dual-axis tracking systems separate out tables of panels and follow the sun on a more circular path for the best energy output. Tracking systems have two motor distinctions.

  • What are roof mounts for solar panels?

  • Roof mounts tend to be the least expensive way to mount your solar system because they take advantage of your existing roof structure to provide a foundation for your panels. This saves money in racking material and labor costs to complete the installation. You also get the added benefit of building your system in otherwise unused space.

  • What are the different types of roof-mounted solar systems?

  • We explore the different roof-mounted systems (including rail-less and ballasted systems) in another must-read article. Ground-mounted solar systems essentially all work the same—systems anchor to the ground and hold a large number of stacked panels, often two but sometimes three or four panels high.

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