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trojan t105 battery equivalent

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  • Where can I buy a T-105 battery for my Boat?

  • 4 x T-105 Fisch Deep Cycle Boat Battery 232Ah 6V US-2200 (T-105) from County Battery Services. Order before 2 pm for free next day delivery Specs look essentially identical to the famous Trojan T-105, but less than three quarters of the price. Too good to be true, or an own-brand bargain?

  • What are Trojan batteries?

  • Available in 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt sizes, Trojan batteries form a broad portfolio of exceptional performance. They have been proven, time and time again, to be reliable and long-lasting.

  • Are Trojan batteries good for golf?

  • Trojan batteries deliver slightly better Ah, but it鈥檚 very marginal. Both provide you with a good amount of juice to sustain your rounds of golf. If properly maintained, the common lifespan of a U.S. battery is up to six years.

  • Is the USBATT 2200 the same size as the T105?

  • Specs and image do match usbatt 2200 exactly but could well be cut n paste and just not true. It’s not a common battery size and tiny bit different to t105 so spec sheet almost certainly comes from 2200. Who’s first

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