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trojan t 145 6 volt battery

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  • What is the size of a GC2 Trojan T145?

  • BCI Group Size: GC2 – Dimensions: Length: 10.30鈥?(262mm); Width: 7.13鈥?(181mm); Height 11.91in (303mm) Trojan T145 are recommended for the following and more: Golf Car, RV, Marine, Solar Wind Energy, Floor Machine, Man Lift, Aircraft Tug Truck.

  • Why choose Trojan batteries?

  • Since 1925, Trojan has been a pioneer in the development of superior deep cycle batteries. Decades of experience, ongoing research and dedication go into every deep cycle battery we manufacture. The bottom-line?

  • When does Trojan recommend to equalize battery?

  • However, Trojan only recommends equalizing when low or wide ranging specific gravity (0.030) are detected after fully charging a battery. Verify the battery (s) are flooded type.

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