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trojan starting battery

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  • What kind of batteries does trojan use?

  • Providing rugged durability, outstanding performance and long life, Trojan鈥檚 deep-cycle 12-volt starting batteries are ideal a variety of marine and RV applications. Please select the battery voltage.

  • Where can I get rid of old Trojan batteries?

  • Old batteries may be returned to the battery retailer, automotive service station, a battery manufacturer or other authorized collection centers for recycling. If you are not sure where to take your spent batteries, call your local Trojan dealer for assistance. 1. What are some common myths associated with batteries?

  • Who is Trojan battery sales?

  • Formerly known as Safe-Start, Trojan Battery Sales is committed to customer satisfaction and supplying only the highest quality products, which has made us the largest distributor of Trojan Batteries in the world. Trojan Battery Sales is your 鈥渙ne-stop鈥?headquarters to finding the ideal battery, charger or accessory for your specific application.

  • Is Trojan battery lead recycled?

  • All the lead purchased by Trojan Battery Company for grid and small parts casting is recycled lead. The plastic containers and covers of old batteries are neutralized, reground and used in the manufacture of new battery cases. The electrolyte can be processed for recycled wastewater uses.

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