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  • Who is Trina Solar?

  • As it was mentioned before, Trina Solar company is a worldwide leader in the area of solar PV modules, eco solutions and maintenance.

  • What are the specs of a Trina Solar panel?

  • Frame color 鈥?clear. Manufacturer 鈥?Trina Solar Manufacturer. Model 鈥?TSM-395-DE15H (II) Operating temperatures 鈥?-40 F to +185 F. Rated Efficiencies 鈥?19.4%. Scope of application 鈥?Solar Panels for Boats, Solar Panels for RV. Use 鈥?Grid-Tie, Off-Grid. Weight 鈥?48.5 lbs.

  • What are the different types of mounting systems available in trinasolar?

  • There are two basic types of mounting available in TrinaSolar, which are terrestrial mounting system and roof one. How long is the warranty on the Trina solar panels?

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