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t1275 battery

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  • What kind of battery is the Trojan t1275?

  • The Trojan T1275 is a 12v deep cycle battery that features proprietary Maxguard T2 Advanced Design Separator, exclusive Alpha Plus paste with T2 technology formulation and Trojan Grid Technology resulting in increased battery life, extended run time and decreased maintenance.

  • What is the size of gc12 t-1275?

  • GC12 T-1275 1261, 2 LENGTH WIDTH HEIGHT F 85 (39) 12.96 (329) 7.13 (181) 11.13 (283) ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS

  • What is the model number for the gc12 battery?

  • 12V TROJAN DEEP CYCLE BATTERY (V CAP) GC12 Model Number: T1275 215.86 There is a core charge of $50.00for this product.

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