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System to monitor solar panels

System to monitor solar panels
System to monitor solar panels

Solar energy systems are low-maintenance and dependable sources of energy. Solar monitoring enables us to identify potential problems and resolve them before they have a significant impact on your solar production and utility bill.

The primary advantage of system monitoring is the peace of mind it provides. At any time, your system can be inspected. You won’t have to worry about issues going unnoticed or about receiving an unexpectedly high electric bill. This software enables monitoring at the panel or inverter level, allowing the installer to rapidly diagnose and resolve any issues.

Features of monitor solar panels

Not all solar energy monitoring systems are created equal. Often, the built-in monitoring that comes with your inverter provides significantly fewer features than third-party monitoring systems – sometimes only basic production monitoring.

Depending on the monitoring system you have chosen, you may be able to monitor the following:

Monitoring solar energy production

The solar energy production monitoring feature of a system will display the amount of electricity generated by your solar panels in kWh. Additionally, it keeps track of the total amount of power they generate over time, allowing you to view their historical performance and compare it to previous readings to determine if there is any variation from one time period to the next.

Monitoring solar energy consumption

Consumption monitoring enables you to track the fate of solar energy after it is generated. You’ll be able to monitor your consumption throughout the day and adjust your consumption habits to maximise the use of solar energy and save money.

Monitoring of grid export/import

This feature is beneficial because it displays the amount of electricity your solar panels export to the grid and the amount they import from it. Additionally, it will show you how much credit your system is earning or using at any given time. This feature is especially beneficial if you have net metering with your electric company, as it allows you to see where all of the energy generated by your solar panels is going during each billing period.

Monitoring of the system in its entirety

Advanced third-party monitoring systems and applications, such as Solar Analytics and Fronius, employ intelligent algorithms to interpret and present consumption and performance data in a useful, actionable format.

While there are numerous options when it comes to selecting a monitoring system, they can be classified into two broad categories: System-Level Monitoring (SLM) and Panel-Level Monitoring (PLM) (PLM).

These monitoring systems will assist you in maximising the value of your solar system and in obtaining a more complete picture of your home’s energy profile. The following sections discuss some of the advanced features and systems available.

Monitoring of the circuit level: Circuit level monitoring enables you to monitor the amount of power consumed by individual appliances on your system. This can assist you in identifying any unusual draws on the electricity generated by your panels and determining whether they are legitimate or indicative of a system problem.

Monitoring at the Panel Level (PLM): Also referred to as module-level monitoring, PLM is closely related to the solar industry’s module-level power electronics (MLPE) solutions, which include microinverters and power optimizers.

Performance and fault notifications: Unlike the data provided by the majority of inverters, third-party monitoring systems can detect when your solar system’s output is inadequate or nonexistent and notify you via email or SMS.

Cost monitoring: A well-designed monitoring system enables complete end-user input of your electricity rates. This could include a daily supply charge, time-of-use tariffs, weekday vs. weekend tariffs, and solar feed-in tariffs.

Final Words

These monitoring systems analyse your actual solar and household energy usage to provide a factual breakdown of your expected power bill. Additionally, they can compare the available energy plans on the market and recommend the one that is best for you.

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