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sunsaver 20l manual

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  • Can I use a 12V battery with a 24V sunsaver?

  • For 12V SunSaver models, only a 12V battery may be used. Connect only 24V batteries (or two 12V batteries in series) to 24V SunSaver models. Before connecting the battery, measure the battery voltage. Battery voltage must be greater than 6 volts to power the SunSaver (12V or 24V models).

  • What is a sunsaver solar controller?

  • Today, SunSaver is the world鈥檚 leading small solar controller for industrial and consumer markets, proven in mission critical applications where failure is simply not an option. This third generation SunSaver brings over two decades of advances in software and electronics to the same rugged, hardened design that made the original famous.

  • What are the different sunsaver models?

  • PV SYSTEM CONTROLLERS SunSaver Models Included in this Manual: 鈥S-6-12V / SS-6L-12V 鈥?SS-10-12V 鈥?SS-10L-12V / SS-10L-24V 鈥?SS-20L-12V / SS-20L-24V 2MORNINGSTAR CORPORATION 3 SunSaver Dimensions Inches [Millimeters] Specification Summary Ratings SS-6/6L SS-10/10L SS-20L

  • Can I use a nominal solar module with a sunsaver?

  • The nominal solar module voltage must match the SunSaver voltage rating. For 12V SunSaver models, only a 12 V nominal solar module having a maximum open circuit voltage of 30V may be used. Connect only 24V nominal solar modules (or two 12V arrays in series) to 24V SunSaver models.

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