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  • What does the SMA Sunny Boy storage do?

  • It provides remote monitoring via the SMA … The SMA Sunny Boy Storage 3.6-6.0 offers similar funtionality to the 2.5 but is also the first battery inverter with a multistring battery connection. Up to three different high-voltage batteries can be connected to a single inverter, for larger batteries three DC inputs can be connected in parallel.

  • What is the Sunny Boy storage battery inverter?

  • The Sunny Boy Storage 3.7/5.0/6.0 is a high-performance SMA battery inverter for private homes. Larger storage systems are easy to implement and are flexible to expand with a total of three battery connections. Tech Tip: How to commission the Sunny Boy Storage 3.7, 5.0, 6.0?

  • When will the Sunny Boy Storage be available?

  • The Sunny Boy Storage will be available in Australia, Belgium and the UK in June and in Italy in August. More countries will follow over the course of the year. 3. How much does the device cost? Please ask your wholesaler or a trusted installer for the price. Because of our three-step sales model, we unfortunately cannot help you here. 4.

  • What is the charge and discharge power of Sunny Boy?

  • With a charge and discharge power of 2.5 kW, it is ideally suited to handle electricity demand of a private household. The Sunny Boy Storage is the right solution for people who want to make their home independent from conventional electric utility companies and rising electricity costs by using intermediate storage for their solar energy.

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