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sub panel meter

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  • What is a panel meter and how does it work?

  • Panel meters are instruments that act as the display unit for process application equipment. They accept input from a wide range of probes, transducers, thermocouples, strain gauges, potentiometers, and other sources and convert their electrical signals into the proper engineering units to provide a visual reference of the measured value.

  • What are sub-panels and main panels?

  • All other panels, aside from the main one, are known as sub-panels. Sub-panels are like a waypoint to direct electrical power to a different part of your premises.

  • What are the features of a universal input panel meter?

  • Universal input panel meter with buttonless, 4-digit LED display that accepts universal AC/DC power supply and is UL listed. Accepts a wide variety of input signals including thermocouples or RTDs, current, voltage, resistance and process signals. UTAdvanced 1/8 DIN digital indicator with up to 8 alarms.

  • What kind of meter do I need for tenant submetering?

  • These revenue-grade single phase (120V 2-wire or 120/240V 3-wire) kWh electric meters make tenant submetering a snap! Available in indoor flush-mount, outdoor surface-mount, or NEMA 4X Multiple Meter Units (MMUs).

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