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string inverter rapid shutdown

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Currently,string inverters require鈥渓isted鈥?add-onsto be rapid-shutdown compliant. A rapid shutdown transmitter or initiator is installed into the inverter either during manufacturing (like Fronius鈥檚 offering) or aftermarket. That transmitter is paired with a sensor that鈥檚 attached to the array.

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  • What is the best rapid shutdown inverter?

  • SMA America, one of the most popular string inverter manufacturers, has its own rapid shutdown solution (a SunSpec-certified TS4-R-F) that can be installed on the back of panels. Similarly, Tigo manufactures power optimizer solutions, but they also offer inverter-agnostic MLPEs鈥揻ire safety modules鈥揼eared specifically towards rapid shutdown.

  • Are your inverter systems compliant with module-level rapid shutdown (NEC)?

  • Some inverter systems are inherently compliant with module-level rapid shutdown (NEC 2017 and later) on their own, while others require additional components to enable rapid shutdown.

  • What is a rapid shutdown?

  • What is rapid shutdown? Rapid shutdown is an electrical safety requirement set for solar panel systems by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Simply put, it provides a way to quickly de-energize a rooftop solar panel system.

  • What is the best inverter for my solar panel system?

  • Microinverter and power optimizer systems鈥搇ike Enphase and SolarEdge 鈥揳re the most popular inverter options for residential solar panel systems in the U.S. Fortunately, both microinverters and power optimizers operate at the panel site and have built-in rapid shutdown capabilities.

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