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staubli air connectors

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  • What is a Stäubli high-performance connector?

  • The new high-performance connector from Stubli is suitable for numerous industrial applications, for example, in e-mobility and railway testing applications or in machinery where safety and reliability are fundamental.

  • Why choose the Stäubli RCS quick-release coupling range?

  • The Stubli RCS quick-release coupling range combines a perfect seal with an anti hose-whip safety system for all your compressed air networks. Simple connection and disconnection ensures operator comfort and responsiveness. The … The Stubli ADS quick-release coupling range is specially designed for connecting high-flow compressed air circuits.

  • Why choose Stäubli for your project?

  • The energy sector is extremely versatile and so are our energy-related products. Stubli offers a strong, trustworthy base for today’s challenges in renewable energy projects. With quality PV connectors and services for eBoS (electrical Balance of Systems) applications in photovoltaic plants the projects become reliable and efficient.

  • What is Stäubli 3 in 1 active safety?

  • Stubli’s 3-in-1 active safety system ensures complete protection against the risk of violent hose whiplash under pressure. … The Stubli CGO quick-release coupling range ensures perfect sealing for electronics cooling applications.

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