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  • What is the Speedwire system?

  • This Speedwire System was designed to be versatile, and installed in cars with naturally-aspirated engine combinations, including Pro Stock/Top Sportsman. System Features:鈥?10 Switch panel…

  • Are Speedwire and WebConnect the same thing?

  • No. Speedwire is an Ethernet based system with a communication protocol (SMA Data2+) optimized for PV systems. Are Speedwire and Webconnect the same thing? No. The Webconnect function enables direct data transmission between the Internet portal Sunny Portal and inverters with Webconnect interface without any additional communication device.

  • How are IP addresses assigned in the Speedwire network?

  • 鈥?If there is a DHCP server in the Speedwire network (e.g. Cluster Controller or router), all IP addresses can be assigned by the DHCP server. 鈥?If necessary, the IP addresses can also be assigned statically, for example by means of the SMA Connection Assist* or via the respective communication device (e.g. Cluster Controller). Device Detection

  • Are four-wire cables approved for Speedwire assignments?

  • Four-wire cables are approved for Speedwire assignments of the network plugs in accordance with ANSI/TIA-568-A and ANSI/TIA-568-B. It is important that both cable ends are wired in accordance with the same industry standard. Observe the Profinet specification when using four-wire Profinet cables.

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