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  • What is SolarWorld Industries GmbH?

  • SolarWorld Industries GmbH is a new name for the original SolarWorld parent company, SolarWorld AG. When the company declared insolvency, Qatar Solar Technologies (QSTec) and the original founder of SolarWorld AG, Frank Asbeck, acquired most of the company’s assets and reorganized under the new name SolarWorld Industries GmbH.

  • Where are SolarWorld panels made?

  • About SolarWorld SolarWorld is a United States based solar panel manufacturing company for quality, durability, and efficiency. Manufactured from cell to module right here in North America. SolarWorld operates the largest solar cell manufacturing facility in the United States.

  • What happened to SolarWorld AG?

  • An important omission from the reorganization of SolarWorld AG is SolarWorld Americas, which is based in Hillsboro, Oregon, where it operates the largest crystalline silicon solar factory in the Western Hemisphere. SolarWorld Americas is currently for sale as part of efforts to resolve its parent company’s debts.

  • Who is SolarWorld Africa?

  • The German SolarWorld AG completes the takeover of Shell’s solar crystalline activities and founds the SOLARWORLD Africa. The office of SOLARWORLD Africa is located in Midrand, South Africa.

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