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solarworld 285w

People also ask

  • Where is the SolarWorld sunmodule plus SW 285 made?

  • Support by our friendly knowledgeable staff to help with your SolarWorld solar panel system questions is also included! The SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus SW 285 is made in SolarWorld’s high-tech facility in the USA.

  • What is the SolarWorld international standard for solar panels?

  • The certification to international standards provides additional assurance that SolarWorld solar panels are suitable for use in systems with greater than 600 Vdc string voltage.

  • What is the load capacity of SolarWorld sunmodules?

  • With a maximum load capacity of up to 8500 Pa (178 psf), SolarWorld Sunmodules are designed to withstand heavy accumulations of snow and ice. Plus?Sorting guarantees highest system efficiency.

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