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  • How to buy Solaris?

  • How to Protect Solaris (XLR)?Invented for your digital independencekeeps your keys safeEasily back up your entire walletSupported Coins: 1093+

  • How to add user in Solaris?

  • When we run ‘ useradd ‘ command in Linux terminal, it performs following major things:It edits /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group and /etc/gshadow files for the newly created User account.Creates and populate a home directory for the new user.Sets permissions and ownerships to home directory.

  • How to install software on Solaris?

  • How to Install Solaris Software. If you do not use the scinstall custom JumpStart installation method to install software, perform this procedure to install the Solaris OS on each node in the global cluster. See How to Install Solaris and Sun Cluster Software (JumpStart) for more information about JumpStart installation of a cluster.

  • How to switch user in Solaris?

  • su Command. The su command lets you switch the current user to any other user. If you need to run a command as a different (non-root) user, use the –l [username] option to specify the user account. Additionally, su can also be used to change to a different shell interpreter on the fly.

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