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  • Why choose Solaria solar panels?

  • Solaria鈥檚 high-output solar panels deliver maximum energy production in a streamlined, all-black design that complements your home鈥檚 architectural style. With more than 20% more energy per square meter than traditional solar panels, Solaria鈥檚 advanced PowerXT solar panels pack maximum power into minimum space for industry-leading efficiency.

  • Who is Solaria?

  • After a successful crowdfund, SOLARIA was set for production. During this process, SOLARIA became one of four upcoming English vocals (which included Eleanor Forte AI, ANRI, and an unnamed male from Dreamtonics Co., Ltd. ).

  • Who is the new president of Solaria Corporation?

  • Solaria Corporation, a global provider of premium solar energy products, today announced the appointment of solar industry veteran Vikas Desai as the company鈥檚 new president. Solaria had the privilege of participating in a program in Sonoma County with Homes 4 The Homeless.

  • Is Solaria the last Spacer world?

  • Inhabited by Spacer descendants, Solaria is the fiftieth and last Spacer world settled in the first wave of interstellar settlement. It was occupied from approximately 4627 AD by inhabitants of the neighboring world Nexon, originally for summer homes.

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