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solaredge wifi module kit

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  • What is the Wi-Fi communication solution for SolarEdge inverters?

  • The Wi-Fi Communication Solution enables wireless communication between the SolarEdge inverter and any Wi-Fi router. The Wi-Fi solution is installed in the inverter, saving the time and cost associated with installing an Ethernet connection.

  • How do I connect SolarEdge devices to the Monitoring portal?

  • The Wi-Fi communication option enables connecting a SolarEdge device (inverter, CCG or SMI) to the SolarEdge monitoring portal. You can wirelessly connect multiple devices to the monitoring portal, or connect an RS485 chain (bus) of devices to the monitoring portal by using Wi-Fi connection between the master device and the portal.

  • Where can I find the datasheets and certifications for SolarEdge products?

  • For further information, datasheets and the most up-to-date certifications for various products in different countries, please visit the SolarEdge website: Support and Contact Information Wi-Fi Kit Installation Guide – MAN-01-00161-1.1 5

  • How do I install the antenna on my SolarEdge device?

  • For other SolarEdge devices, or if not mounting the antenna on the inverter, install the clip on the wall using two screws (not supplied). The antenna must be vertical and at least 6 cm/2.4鈥?away from metal surfaces (including the inverter side). Single phase inverter Three phase inverter

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