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solaredge warranty claim

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The SolarEdge claim cost came to a total of$1043. SolarEdge covered $225,and the zero deductible Solar Insure warranty covered the costs for labor and travel of $818.00.

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  • What does SolarEdge鈥檚 warranty cover?

  • 鈥淲here SolarEdge decides to repair the Product or part (s), warranty coverage includes labor and material costs necessarily incurred to correct the Product defect; and where SolarEdge decides to replace the Product or part (s) to which the Limited Warranty applies, warranty coverage includes the cost of the replacement of the Product or part (s).

  • What kind of inverters does SolarEdge offer?

  • SolarEdge Energy Hub Single Phase Inverters with HD-Wave Technology Three Phase Inverters Three Phase Inverters with Synergy Technology Three Phase Commercial Inverters Three Phase Inverters with Synergy Technology Home Backup SolarEdge Energy Bank Battery

  • How do I extend the warranty on my inverter?

  • The warranty extension is available with a one-time payment fee and must be purchased within 24 months of inverter shipment from SolarEdge. The inverter warranty extension applies to the inverter only and does not apply to any built-in communication accessories. View a pricelist of inverter warranty extensions or check your warranty status.

  • How much does soleredge charge to replace inverter?

  • So, J.P.M. what you are saying is that according to the warranty SolerEdge will pay for labor if they decide to fix the inverter, but if they replace it they will not pay for labor. We are in Massachusetts, is $500.00 to replace the inverter a lot or about average? Thanks. They is the company that did the install.

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