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solar wire size guide

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Common wire sizes used for solar PV installations are:2.5 – 4 – 6 – 10 – 16 – 25 – 35 – 50 mm 2. Sometimes other sizing measurement units are used like AWG (American Wire gauge). The following categories of wires exist:

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  • What size solar wires do I Need?

  • To start with, the most common size for solar wires is AWG or ‘American Wire Gauge’. If you have a low AWG, this means it covers a large cross-sectional area and hence has lower voltage drops.

  • How does solar system voltage affect solar wire sizing?

  • By using this solar wire sizing calculator you will notice that the higher solar system voltage translates into: longer cable for the same voltage drop if you keep the same gauge used for lower solar system voltage. Please use the update button if the calculated data are not refreshed automatically by the solar cable size calculator.

  • What type of cable do I need for a solar system?

  • Most AC cables are used to connect the main solar inverter to the electric grid of the home. Solar systems employ 5-core AC cables that have 3 wires for the phases carrying the current, 1 wire to keep the current away from the device, and 1 wire for grounding/safety which connects the solar casing and the ground.

  • Which wire is the longest on a solar panel?

  • Usually, the longest wire is from the solar panels to the charge controller. Since all PV power runs through this, it is crucial to choose the size correctly to maximize performance and to assure safety. In general, try to stay below 2 – 3% Voltage drop on this run.

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