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solar tracker stand

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  • What is a solar panels tracker system?

  • This slightly more complex type of solar panels tracker system presents an all-encompassing solution to capturing every single photon ray the sun emits and using it to directly deliver the ensuing benefits to you in the form of usable energy.

  • Which smart solar tracker is right for your project?

  • Accepted as the gold standard of solar trackers by developers, owners, EPCs and operators, the NX Horizon has been the tracker of choice on more than 45 GW of solar power plants worldwide. The one-in-portrait (1P) smart solar tracker system delivers the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and has been deployed more than any other tracker.

  • How do single axis solar trackers work?

  • Single axis trackers feature a series of solar cells linked together and placed on a mount that is capable of tracking the sun from East to West throughout the day, meaning that as the sun moves, it can follow its trajectory to ensure that the integrated cells are always facing it.

  • How do the pole mount trackers work?

  • At the start of each day all of the pole mount trackers will center and tilt vertical. This tilting will drop any snow or ice off of the face of the solar panels. The solar panels then proceed to track the sun across the sky.

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