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solar torque tube

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A solar panel array system has a torque tube supported onupper ends of vertical posts. The torque tube has an octagonal exterior surface and an octagonal interior surface corresponding with the exterior surface. The octagonal exterior surface defines at least one flat datum surface for mounting a photo-voltaic panel.

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  • What is a torque tube solar panel?

  • This invention relates in general to torque tubes on which solar or photo-voltaic panels are mounted for rotation with the torque tube. Solar or photo-voltaic panels may be installed with a tracking system to pivot and track the sun during the day. One type of system has parallel rows of panels, each row extending north and south.

  • What is torque tube?

  • The torque tube is usually in round or square shape with galvanizing coating surface. Different from other pipe mills, TUSPIPE does not only delivery you regular galvanized tubes, but also adds stability and saves materials.

  • Why use Octagon profile for solar panel array torque tubes?

  • The octagon profile is well suited for solar panel array torque tubes because it behaves much like a circular profile while also providing datum faces or surfaces for alignment and transmitting torque. An improved stiffness allows greater spans between posts. Reducing the number of posts lowers system cost.

  • Why are torque tubes octagonal in shape?

  • Also, an octagonal tube has a natural datum surface due to its eight flat sides. When considering optimum torque tube shapes, the study shows that increasing the number of flat sides over a square tube causes the tube to perform more like a tube of circular cross-section.

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