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  • What is shunt resistance in solar cell?

  • Shunt Resistance. Such a diversion reduces the amount of current flowing through the solar cell junction and reduces the voltage from the solar cell. The effect of a shunt resistance is particularly severe at low light levels, since there will be less light-generated current. The loss of this current to the shunt therefore has a larger impact.

  • What is a solar charge controller and shunt controller?

  • A solar charge controller is a device that manages the charging of a battery from a solar module or array of modules. Solar charge controllers come in three types, though the market is dominated more and more by just one of those. A shunt controller is just an ON/OFF switch.

  • How does a shunt controller work?

  • A shunt controller is just an ON/OFF switch. When the battery voltage is low (ie needs a charge) the switch turns ON and energy flows from the solar array to the battery. When the battery voltage is high (ie charged) the switch turns OFF and charging stops.

  • How does a solar battery shunt transistor work?

  • At this point, a shunt transistor will turn on, shorting out the solar array, halting any further battery charging. When the battery voltage drops to the charge resumption set-point, the shunt transistor will turn off and charging will resume.

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