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solar roof top combiner box

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  • What size wire is used in a solar combiner box?

  • PV wire entering our combiner box from the solar panel. The weather tight gland has 2 holes which will accommodate wire from .25-.27 in diameter. This part enables a liquid tight seal for our 6ga through 4ga cable exiting a combiner box when not using a roof penetration.

  • What is the maximum roof hole size for a combiner box?

  • Maximum roof hole 1.25, Maximum cable size .59 The clamshell is used on Essential kits to cover a roof penetration when not using a standard combiner box. Add more busbars to your AM Solar V2 combiner box.

  • What is a combiner box used for on a roof?

  • A combiner box also provides an easy access point for future panel additions and is typically located near or over the roof penetration. The weather tight strain reliefs used in the connections to the combiner boxes come with the SunRunner Panel Kits or can be purchased separately.

  • How do I manage a 10/2 solar panel cable?

  • Strain reliefs can be used for the standard 10/2 roof cable, MC4 solar cable or system core cable exiting the combiner box and going down a vent. This kit contains all the hardware needed to manage a 10/2 solar panel cable and connect it into a combiner box.

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