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solar powered bird house

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  • How to make your own solar power bird watching system?

  • Eventually, you may design you own solar power bird watching system. The basic solar bird box camera composes of wireless or WiFi bird box camera, battery, solar panel, and charge controller. You will need wireless or WiFi bird box camera, but not wire bird box camera.

  • What is the difference between WiFi Bird Box camera and solar?

  • The WiFi bird box camera will be connected to your home router thru WiFi, you have to watch the live video on mobile phone, iPad or PC computer, you can鈥檛 watch the live video in analog TV, because it is digital. Both types cameras still require power sources. The solar or battery eliminates the power cable which should connect to the outlet.

  • Do you need a power adaptor for a bird box camera?

  • However, hardwiring the cable from your house is one of the headache to setup a bird box camera watching system. Even you use the wireless or WiFi bird box camera, you still need the power adaptor. What a wonderful thing if you can just eliminate hardwiring. We will talk about solar panel bird box camera in this article.

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