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  • What is solar energy?

  • It is the most abundant form of energy, far surpassing oil, natural gas and other non-renewable sources of energy. Solar energy is environmentally friendly and sustainable and can be harnessed for human use by an ever-growing number of technologies including photovoltaic systems of solar panels that follow the path of the sun throughout the day.

  • Where can I study solar energy engineering online?

  • TU Delft in the Netherlands offers an online MicroMasters in solar energy engineering. This in-depth, 5-part program is designed to get you on a path to a career in the field or advance you in your current position. Learn about the latest photovoltaic solar technology and how it is being used to develop advanced, flexible solar panels.

  • How much money can you save with solar energy?

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory researchers estimate that, when done together, the average savings could amount to $4,000. Counting down our list of top things you didn’t know about solar energy — read on for more on the most abundant energy resource known to mankind. When buying a solar power system, hardware is not the only expense.

  • Is solar energy right for You?

  • Solar energy is the fastest growing and most affordable source of new electricity in America. Over 3 million installations have been built across the country鈥攚ith 1 million being built in the last two years. As the cost of solar energy systems dropped significantly, more Americans and businesses have taken advantage of clean energy .

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