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solar panel struck by lightning

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  • What happens to solar panels when lightning strikes them?

  • The panels themselves will almost assuredly be damaged if directly struck by lightning, so the obvious technological direction is to develop cheaper panels that can be easily replaced when the inevitable strike happens.

  • Can I protect my solar power system from lightning?

  • If you want to protect your solar power system (solar panels and solar inverter) from lightning – that is possible, but it will cost extra. Your solar power system can be damaged by direct strikes or (more likely) voltages induced by nearby lightning strikes.

  • Do solar panels need to be grounded for lightning?

  • This type of grounding is also how lightning rods work, but you shouldn’t count on your solar panel grounding system to protect either your home or your solar panels from damage in the rare case of a lightning strike.

  • Why are solar panels so expensive?

  • In the case of the solar industry, the costs are found in damage that happens when lightning strikes the exposed panels, along with the associated surge that the strike produces.

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