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Soaps can leave a thin film or residue on the surface of your solar panels that hinders the solar panels to function just like the dirt layer. Apart from that,the soap layer can also attract more dirt particles as they get stick to it. So,instead of using soap and water,you should think of installing the bestsolar robot kit.

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  • Can you use soap to clean solar panels?

  • Sometimes just water isn鈥檛 enough, but everyone agrees that soap should never be used. That鈥檚 why lubricant manufacturer Polywater released its Solar Panel Wash five years ago. The highly concentrated additive isn鈥檛 a filmy soap; instead it enhances water鈥檚 ability to clean solar panels, said Charlie Cole, Polywater international VP.

  • What is solar shampoo®?

  • Solar Shampoo is your online store for solar panel cleaning equipment for solar farms, commercial solar panels, farms and agricultural solar panels systems and residential customers with rooftop solar panels. Solar panel cleaning products are our specialty.

  • What is solar panel wash?

  • Cole said Solar Panel Wash is especially helpful in arid locations where dust is high and water is scarce, because the wash allows for less water to be used in cleaning. 鈥淎 lot of these installations are done in desert regions where the availability of water is really an issue.

  • Why choose our solar panel cleaning products?

  • Solar panel cleaning products are our specialty. We feel confident that you will find everything you need to make fast, easy, and effective work of cleaning solar panels enabling you to increase your bottom line and stand out from the competition.

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