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Solar Panel How Much

When you think of installing a solar panel system in your house or commercial unit, the first question you have is related to the cost of it. With the increasing desirability of solar energy, the costs of solar panels have reduced to a great degree. You can easily save around 50 percent more on your budget for installation of a solar panel system today as compared to what you would have saved about 10 years ago. With the advancement in technology and mass awareness about the pros and cons of using different energy resources, the costs of one solar panel is expected to lower further in the coming future. However, it is always handy to know how you can save on your investment in a solar panel while not compromising on its quality and features. Let’s find out what adds to the cost of a solar panel in general and how we can avoid this extra pricing!

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Solar Panel

The following factors are responsible for determining the cost of a solar panel:

Power generation capacity

The power generation capacity or wattage is directly proportional to the cost of a solar panel in general. If you need more power output, you will have to invest in a solar panel with higher wattage or power production capacity. For example, if you purchase a 500 watt solar panel, it will cost you almost double the price of a 250 watt solar panel.

Water Resistance Property

Not all the solar panels are truly waterproof. Therefore, if you are looking for a waterproof solar panel, you might have to pay an additional price for this feature. However, investing in a water resistant panel will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Inverter Type

The type of inverter you are using for the conversion of DC produced by the solar panel to more accessible AC also impacts the cost of a panel. Using a string inverter might cost more than a single inverter of the same type and company.

Saving on the Cost of a Solar Panel

If you want to save on the cost of your solar panel, you must consider the following points:

Using Colored Back Sheets

By using colored back sheets such as green or blue, etc., you can optimise the power production capacity of a solar panel. You would not need extra solar panels to increase the power output, if you adopt this simple trick.

Installing the Solar Panel System on an Angled Roof

If you have an angled roof, you can save a handsome amount as you would not have to build an angled frame for your solar panel.

Final Words

The cost of a solar panel varies depending upon its power production capability along with other factors. However, if you work smartly, you can cut the cost of a solar panel to a great degree.

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