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solar panel controler

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Asolar charge controlleris one of the key components of a solar panel system with a battery,such as an off-grid system. Their main job is to act as a charge regulator for the electricity going into the battery bank from a solar array.

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  • What is a solar charge controller used for?

  • This charge controller does not have to be used solely on one panel and one battery; a 10A PWM controller cab be used to regulate the charge of an array of solar panels connected in parallel with a total power of 160W.

  • How does the solar panel connect to the controller?

  • The solar panel connects to the controller through positive and negative leads, only creating a charging function when the controller is connected to a battery. The load is then responsible for the discharging function from the controller (if it is connected to the controller).

  • What type of solar panel controller should I use?

  • MPPT controllers are the most efficient and powerful controllers that we offer, but they should only be used when the solar panel voltage is much higher than the battery voltage.

  • Can I use a PWM charge controller with a 48V solar panel?

  • If you used a PWM charge controller with a 12V battery but with 48V solar panels, the PWM will not harvest the extra energy produced, it will only harvest 12V. Buying a PWM charge controller is not necessarily a bad choice even though it is less efficient than an MPPT.

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