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solar packages

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Grid-tie solar packages are usually a combination of solar panel kits,inverters,ground or roof racks,and wires. Homeowners with a fundamental grasp of home repair can generally tackle installing a system right up to the utility connection if the proper support is available.

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  • What is included in a solar package?

  • Complete solar panel system kits that are the most energy-efficient and reliable on the market today. Solar packages include everything you need to get your residential system up and running. Simply determine your required energy use and select the solar kit that is right for your home.

  • Where can I buy a solar panel kit?

  • Unbound Solar offers complete solar panel kits that include everything you need for a solar system. Browse complete solar systems and backup power kits for homes, businesses, boats and RVs, remote industrial, and more. Shop All Solar Panel Kits

  • What comes with an off-grid Solar System package?

  • Our complete off-grid solar system packages come with everything you need to install it yourself, including solar panels, solar batteries, charge control, an inverter/charger, breakers, and more. As soon as it arrives, you can get started.

  • What’s in a solar power kit?

  • Each kit contains all the major components you need to install a complete solar power system. Choose from a variety of solar power kits to accommodate your installation needs. Our grid-tied kits include solar panels, inverters and a racking system.

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