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solar optimizers

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  • What is a solar power optimizer?

  • As your solar panels produce electricity, the power optimizers 鈥渃ondition鈥?the electricity from your solar panel, optimizing the voltage before sending it down to the inverter for conversion. Importantly, power optimizers are not an inverter on their own: they need to be paired with a centralized string inverter that handles the conversion process.

  • How many optimizers do I need for my solar array?

  • In addition, it is important to remember that you will need one optimizer per solar panel in your residential solar array. Commercial optimizers that are typically installed every two modules. The type of optimizer required is module dependent.

  • Should I add solar optimisers to my solar installation?

  • If you have an installation in which only a few panels will get shade, then you can only add optimisers to those 鈥?saving lots of money compared to putting them on every module. Savvy solar installers often do this to reduce the effect of stink pipes, TV aerials and chimneys on the system output.

  • What is a DC optimiser for solar panels?

  • Tigo DC optimisers that bolt onto the back of solar panels. If you choose this option, your installer will attach one DC optimiser to each solar panel, optimising each module鈥檚 power output under a wide variety of conditions.

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