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solar ground fault

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According to the Photovoltaic Systems textbook (published by NJATC),a solar PV ground fault is鈥渢he condition of current flowing through the grounding conductor.鈥?The cause of this very undesirable current flow is an unintentional electrical connection between a current-carrying conductor in the PV array and the equipment grounding conductor.

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  • What are solar ground faults and how do they affect PV?

  • Solar ground faults result in PV array shutdown and energy losses. Safety hazards to service technicians is also important to consider. Using the Z200 PV Analyzer solar ground faults can very quickly and safely be located and repaired.

  • Are there any faults in my solar installation?

  • Riso faults can be found in almost any type of PV installation. For utility PV power plants, the ground fault problem is basically the same, but the scale is extended. More technicians has to be involved, transport costs become essential, and entire PV arrays will be down until the faults are found.

  • What happens if there is a ground fault in the system?

  • If a ground fault occurs, parts of the system may still be live. Touching live parts and cables results in death or lethal injuries due to electric shock. Disconnect the product from voltage sources and make sure it cannot be reconnected before working on the device.

  • What happens when a ground fault occurs in an inverter?

  • In the case of grounded conductor ground faults, the faults may exist for significant periods of time before being detected or found because there is typically no loss of performance because the currents from the source still get to the inverter.

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